Public Leadership Development Programs

Our flagship Leadership Success Institute (LSI) provides a valuable opportunity for organizations to develop their pool of leadership talent, and for nonprofit leaders to expand their skills, toolset and leadership presence for career success and effectiveness. For more information on the next cohort, which begins in June 2016, click here.

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We offer an Executive Director Institute (EDI) to chief executives of nonprofit organizations across the country. Using a virtual platform, this nine-month program uses coaching, mentoring, and learning opportunities to focus on seven key leadership competencies. To learn more about our next offering, click here.

“Leader as Coach” Training 

A “coach approach” to leadership is regarded as the most powerful model for today’s leaders. This award winning 1-day training program is for organizations that want to support high performance through a leadership culture that is more collaborative and engages employees more fully. And it is for leaders and managers who want to be more effective at achieving results through people. Our partnership with Adler Learning USA, which offers a globally respected ICF accredited coach training program, provides nonprofit leaders access to one of the most effective and flexible coaching models available.

Internal Leadership Development Programs

In addition to offering public leadership development programs, we develop and implement similar internal leadership development programs for existing and emerging leaders that are customized to meet an organization’s or coalition’s needs. These internal programs provide leaders within a specific organization the opportunity to transform themselves and enhance their impact.

Coaching Services

Expert resources are available through our network of highly-skilled, credentialed coaches. Coaches hold individual leaders creative, resourceful and whole, to identify  and implement strategies that best support themselves and their organizations. This service is stand-alone, or part of a more comprehensive leadership program. 
Coaching is the least expensive and can be the most impactful capacity building intervention. – A funder who invests in nonprofit capacity building

Customized Internal Coaching

Our cadre of experts offers outstanding opportunities to conduct customized coaching within nonprofit organizations. We improve communications, impact and sustainability by engaging leadership teams in transformational learning and discovery.

Peer Network Facilitation

Facilitation services are available to support on-going conversations among and between nonprofit leaders using a roundtable format. We engage subject matter experts to enhance group learning. Groups include leaders from within an organization, graduates of the Executive Director Institute and other leadership development programs, and cohorts comprised of emerging leaders, board of director chairs, and others who are interested in participating in leadership development activities. Roundtables are held virtually and/or face-to-face.

Mentoring Services

Seasoned executive directors provide advice and guidance to individual leaders who seek tactical support on running their organizations. This service is stand-alone, or part of as more comprehensive leadership program.

Speaking Engagements

Many leaders in the nonprofit sector are seeking practical, relevant tools that will enhance their effectiveness. Leadership best practices and success stories inspire audiences to apply new ideas that precipitate positive changes. Our facilitators are thought leaders in areas such as redefining nonprofit leadership to meet emerging needs; followership; the coach approach to leadership; inside-out capacity building; and nonprofit leadership core competencies.

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