It’s the best development investment I’ve made in the past 20 years.”
— Julie Rosen, Executive Director, Parenting Arizona

“Lead for Good’s LSI is an excellent program to offer to vital team members who are ready to reflect upon their leadership style and are unsure of the next step in their career. I have witnessed one of my key staff members learn about himself and develop through the assignments, webinar sessions and coaching. Providing such an excellent resource outside the organization is key to keeping our community non-profits vital, vibrant and impactful.”
— Sunnee O’Rork, Executive Director, i.d.e.a. Museum

“I had the opportunity to work with Lead for Good and learn about the Seven Competencies of Nonprofit Leadership, and early on that gave me a great framework to understand myself as a leader, and to really grow professionally and personally. And I also had the opportunity to have one-on-one professional coaching, and it was just a monumental shift in my ability to lead and understand my own strengths and how they could help the organization, and what I could do to shore up my weaknesses to also lead in a more impactful way.”
— Elizabeth Ditlevson Garman, Executive Director, Community Alliance Against Family Abuse

“I find the most beneficial aspect of the LSI coaching is that the conversations clear my “mental clutter,” creating an open space for sharper thought and focus. With clearer thought comes increased productivity. I feel like I’m more on my game than ever before.”
— Sara Jayne White, Director of Sales & Patron Development, PHOENIX THEATRE

“The Lead for Good Leadership Success Institute has allowed me the time to really focus in on my craft and develop myself as best I can as a leader for the next generation organization. One of the things that I’ve seen in my own personal growth is the ability to really convene, and to look at systems in a macro level, and be able to mobilize and motivate and agitate those around me.”
— Jeff Zetino, Director of the AZ Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

“The great thing about LSI is I’m learning to trust myself as an executive leader here at the museum. And I do trust my sense as an artist and a curator and how it all works within the museum, but when it comes to now wanting to move into a leadership role at the museum, I’m learning to trust my intuition and my leadership with my staff, and really trying to bring them with me and have it all work together. It’s been a really enlightening process here in the last 4 or 5 months, to learn more about myself.”
— Jeffory Morris, Curator, i.d.e.a. Museum

This was a wonderfully productive experience for me and my agency.”
— Mitchell Klein, CEO, C.H.E.E.E.R.S.

This program has made a profound difference in me, personally, and in my performance as an organizational leader.
— Susan Ryan, Executive Director, Beatitudes Agelink

On the Impact of the Leadership Success Institute (LSI):

“I have received feedback from my manager that I handle difficult conversations with more grace and composure and that I seem more open to differing viewpoints, even when she knows I strongly disagree with what is being said. This makes me feel more prepared for an advanced leadership role in the future.”
— Anonymous evaluation comment

“I learned to be a better communicator. That sounds like a small thing, but this touches on SO MUCH in my every day work and and personal life. From how I manage up, to how I manage my team, to how I work with my peers…I am a better leader because I communicate more effectively.”
— Anonymous evaluation comment

“Many of the lessons I learned from LSI I translated to my team through one on one coaching or group meetings. The benefits immediately extended down to the front lines with the folks who work directly with our constituents. Because our department is ‘operating under the influence of LSI,’ our constituents are receiving the benefits of better service and more meaningful interactions with happier employees.”
— Anonymous evaluation comment

“I found […value in] the opportunity to bounce real experiences off each other and learning about how others in the group would handle specific situations. It was also valuable to have a coach reinforce topics in this context since it framed concepts based on lived experiences rather than hypothetical situations.”
— Anonymous evaluation comment

“The most significant impact for me as a nonprofit leader was learning to be a coach to my staff. My employees are more involved in their personal goals and feel more empowered.”
— Jeffory Morris, Museum Curator, i.d.e.a. Museum

“The expertise of all the LSI coaches is clear and was worth the cost of the academy alone.”
— Anonymous evaluation comment

“I was able to apply things that I learned… to actual events within my organization, that I believe resulted in more positive outcomes.”
— Anonymous evaluation comment

“Coaching has helped me really look at how I speak to myself and how I motivate myself towards my goals. This is my favorite part of the LSI experience.”
— Anonymous evaluation comment